Vendors face some of the toughest challenges in today's growing consolidated purchasing environment.

Consensus of opinion from the manufacturing community is that there are some serious problems that they're faced with every day dealing with the growth of consolidated purchasing.

Over the course of the early creative stages of VeriPerform, but before we applied for a patent, we interviewed dozens of manufacturers regarding their biggest challenges in the foodservice consolidated purchasing market place. This boiled down to five major concerns:


  1. Given that every supply chain participant uses their own contracting and administration practices and systems, there's rampant redundancy and duplication of basic practices leading to errors and confusion;
  2. Too often contract agreements come up short in compliance performance and targeted revenue goals are not met:
  3. Double-dipping still appears far too often in the conversation and is one of the most cost intensive areas for manufacturers to address;
  4. Manufacturers often feel that, after the deal is in place, they are walled off from direct interaction with end users;
  5. Manufacturers are often charged admin or marketing fees on top of aggressive allowance programs while less than 50% of those allowances actually reach the end user.

VeriPerform brings an immediate solution to all of these problems and does it through one cloud based platform.

VeriPerform will give vendors the functional tools necessary to assure trade agreement performance.

Vendors have access to a targeting process to engage with operators for the express purpose of entering into trade agreements that meet the requirements of both parties. Whether the outreach to potential buyers of trade agreements is done internally through a powerful VeriPerform CRM system, or externally via email or social media, VeriPerform provides the necessary applications. Once agreements are executed in VeriPerform, the measurement and management of the all important execution or transaction phase is assumed by VeriPerform. Every stakeholder has the ability at any time to login and review the progress of the agreement and what, if any, corrective steps have or should be taken. It truly is a "performance" based system. Come settlement time, VeriPerform provides the necessary application to provide payments where they are legitimately due and in a timely fashion.

Think of VeriPerform as an inexpensive addition to your sales team.

Because we make a concerted effort to attract operator chains, buying groups, purchasing contractors, and other operator-centric parties to the VeriPerform platform in their quest to source trade agreements, we're there for you 24/7/365 promoting your brands and making it easy for buyers to find you.

Our promotional features and your management of your product catalog makes it easier than ever before for actual buyers to find you and approach you for more information. Distributors, too can benefit greatly from this "always open for business" strategy.

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