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trade agreement life cycle

The foodservice trade agreement life cycle is made up of five phases. First, the Target Phase consists of identifying a market objective (a trade agreement partner) and establishing communication with that partner. Second,the Establish Phase consists of agreeing to terms, and executing the agreement. Third, the Transact Phase taking the agreement and loading the terms of the agreement into a performance application to assure that the terms will be properly executed. Fourth, the Settle Phase where transactions are matched against the terms of the agreement and financial settlement occurs between the parties. Fifth, the Evaluate Phase where the trade partners evaluate the performance of the original agreement against results to determine success or failure. VeriPerform will provide all of the necessary tools for every step in the trade agreement life cycle in one location accessible to all stakeholders.
Vendors should expect that when they enter into trade agreements that there are the necessary tools in place to drive compliance to the agreement. VeriPerform will provide those tools, and, what's more, it will automate the process. Every agreement entered into will be measured and managed through to the goals expected by each of the stakeholders. We take the approach that vendors shouldn't have to endure a process of placing their trade agreements and then cajoling or demanding that the parties with whom they have partnered with perform the necessary actions to adhere to the terms of the agreement. We handle that for you. Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo today.

The Ultimate Foodspend Solutions VeriPerform Solution platform will provide  a secure environment for trade agreement Buyers and Sellers.  Among other features, the platform will provide a Trade Agreement Lab Application designed for foodservice operators to evaluate their current spend patterns and source trade agreements direct from the vendors. Unlike the current Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) model so prevalent in today's market, where operators are required to commit to the GPO’s vendor program portfolio, the Lab will match operators with available vendor trade agreements.  In short, operators will be matched with other operator volume that share similar buying preferences and their combined volume will drive the agreement.


Operators should be able to maximize their spend volume based upon what they prefer to purchase, not what a third party determines they should purchase. Further, they should experience 100% of the available discount or allowance, not some portion of the savings gobbled up by a third party intermediary. VeriPerform provides that kind of opportunity.

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